Our company

Who we are

We are a firm of utilities installation specialists who adopt a professional approach to the job at hand. We provide professional, reliable management and provision of all utility needs.

What we do

With a proven track record in utility installation we can guarantee the following in every contract that we undertake:

  • expert support in all phases of your utility projects
  • a team of specialists for different project areas
  • broad coverage of engineering disciplines
  • personalised and practical solutions based on defined project characteristics


Our history

A bit about us

The company was founded in late 2012 by Adrian Davies and Andrew Woodcock-Jones, both of whom have a long history and vast experience within the water and gas industries for the provision of pipelines and services.

Their joint history of contracts include Morrisons, Veolia, ESP, EAL, Carillion and Skanska who are all major utility providers.

The expansion

In 2013 we decided to expand our range of services to cover all major utilities in order to cater for your every need.